where i deviate from standard mastodon assets
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Thibaut Girka 427ef4948a Merge branch 'master' into glitch-soc/merge-upstream 3 months ago
assets.rake Override current_user when generating static pages 1 year ago
auto_annotate_models.rake Add announcements (#12662) 4 months ago
db.rake Fix low-hanging rubocop gripes (#8458) 1 year ago
emojis.rake Update emoji codepoint mappings to v11.0 (#9618) 1 year ago
glitchsoc.rake Add Rake task to backfill local-only flag (#253) 2 years ago
mastodon.rake Fix installation failing when Redis password contains special characters (#13156) 3 months ago
repo.rake Add missing locale file for ga and add rake task to check for it (#11813) 8 months ago
statistics.rake add task to report code statistics (#2489) 3 years ago