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Zac 835be4dff3 did a lot of refactoring on player/room api
player position is now vector2
added id to player
added in_inventory func to player
added add_to_inventory func to player
moved 'move' logic into player
added setget to player position
removed custom struct for player position (wtf me)
renamed Room.Connections to Room.Exits
renamed Room.Items to Room.Objects
removed room_exists_with_exit function (seemed a bit over the top)
added get_room_exits
added room_exit_exists
all room api functions now take vector2 instead of 2 ints
changed how ExitsDisplay is set
changed movement commands to match new api
added comments
4 years ago
Game.tscn did a lot of refactoring on player/room api 4 years ago
Menu.tscn renamed main game scene 4 years ago