24 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Zac b519724aaf added initial item class
fixed formatting in globals
added itemtype enum into globals
reworked in_inventory logic
4 years ago
Zac 835be4dff3 did a lot of refactoring on player/room api
player position is now vector2
added id to player
added in_inventory func to player
added add_to_inventory func to player
moved 'move' logic into player
added setget to player position
removed custom struct for player position (wtf me)
renamed Room.Connections to Room.Exits
renamed Room.Items to Room.Objects
removed room_exists_with_exit function (seemed a bit over the top)
added get_room_exits
added room_exit_exists
all room api functions now take vector2 instead of 2 ints
changed how ExitsDisplay is set
changed movement commands to match new api
added comments
4 years ago
Zac 248eec59cc moved direction enum into a global node 4 years ago
Zac 2ceab0d455 touched icon import files 🤷 4 years ago
Zac 00ccd25d8d renamed main game scene
started work on main menu scene
moved all custom fonts into their own resources
4 years ago
Zac f63764494d reverted to old icon 4 years ago
Zac 04f80042d0 imported into godot 3.1 4 years ago
Zac 33508afea0 added reference ruby room generation script 4 years ago
Zac 7a159e6f88 updated icon import settings 5 years ago
Zac f75f119608 updated icon.{png,svg} 5 years ago
Zac f78d2b8eae modified the svg 5 years ago
Zachary Epps 1caae43f33 merged 5 years ago
Zachary Epps 42e916496e updated gitignore
set main scene
5 years ago
Zac 61520d4cc1 added icon v1 SVG and PNG 5 years ago
Zac d2d92ae9bf fully implemented movement commands
changed RoomController from static functions to normal
moved Directions bitflag enum into MainGame
fixed bugs with movement detection
added a clear display command
updated MainGame _ready with LocalPlayer signal connection
added functions to simplify adding text to the display
added function to update exit display label
added comments
added test data in RoomController and MainGame
removed N S E W text from exit label
moved around some viewport guides
5 years ago
Zac 462288d042 added RoomController.gd
loaded RoomController into MainGame
added basic movement commands and checks into MainGame
added more comments into MainGame
removed inheritence from nodes in RoomController and PlayerInfo
created a class for Position in PlayerInfo
started work on basic Room class in RoomController
started work on function in RoomController
5 years ago
Zac bc2b05994b updated PlayerInfo to have Position class instead of singular x,y vals
added player_moved signal that emits when the player's position is updated
5 years ago
Zac 649e9e7e27 moved check_input into _on_CommandEntry_entered
expanded Commands dict
added a check so that command function can be called without arguments if we aren't given any
5 years ago
Zac 51cb5377e1 changed PlayerInfo from a game script into a class
updated MainGame.gd to reflect changes in PlayerInfo
added Commands dictionary into MainGame
removed PlayerInfo script from Information node in MainUI
5 years ago
Zac e59f0982ec added git control addon
updated some spacing on the top elements in the main ui
5 years ago
Zac 60730a6408 removed a guide from the mainui design
began doing some skeleton stuff for command parsing
5 years ago
Zac 1791c52d10 oops, set the display to scroll with new input
also resized the display a bit so that a few more lines fit
5 years ago
Zac 7e3003d19b got to a good point on the mainui 5 years ago
Zac c359a11c74 initial push 5 years ago