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Zachary Epps a7a18c3bd4 updated the file size (8mb instead of 8kb) 4 years ago
Zachary Epps 6abce698ea removed fmt as an import 4 years ago
Zachary Epps 9f97ec038f changed a few println statments to log.Fatal 4 years ago
Zac 804878d468 added a check for filesize before uploading 4 years ago
Zac ad2bd8a486 got everything ready for testing? 4 years ago
Zachary Epps 8709c1cc6d added a few more library references into main.go 4 years ago
Zachary Epps 82eee17d11 added some command flags and parsing for them 4 years ago
Zac 08af79e03c added madon library import 4 years ago
Zac e1d6f7fb06 initial post of main file 4 years ago
Zac 908511f8d2 Initial commit 4 years ago