20 Commits (3758447ce6bc25bd2db46e28a9a4a22919042ca1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Zac 3758447ce6 added main menu and mm script
added main menu into game scene
added input action for pausing
commented on some sections of wiper.gd
4 years ago
Zac 1756b73824 wipers now play sounds while wiping
added a clamp wrapper around the randf call in rain spawner
4 years ago
Zac 7018ff856e added game scene
moved background/particles into game scene
added audio buses
added sound node into wipers
4 years ago
Zac 57e4a3fa4e added audio sfx 4 years ago
Zac 4b659cb812 added a light texture
added lights and a background into the car scene
reorganized the car scene to make things more segmented
fixed game.gd trying to reference a node in a new place
4 years ago
Zac 10240cc0b6 added particle system into car scene 4 years ago
Zac 405ac647a5 changed windshield texture
made wipers larger
modified end value for wipers to compensate for longer blades
4 years ago
Zac 3ace2a3cbc blades return to base after being released
tweaked gravity settings in rain area
4 years ago
Zac 1ebf7bf61d added a scale_down function in rain
made rain_spawner use the scale_down function to make droplets random
4 years ago
Zac 226d1b375a added game script
added game script to car scene
4 years ago
Zac a11d3a6ce4 updated collision masks on rain
tweaked rain_spawner script to handle removals
changed rain script to defer to spawner script for removals
4 years ago
Zac 96ba75226f added comments 4 years ago
Zac 74317806b4 added rain spawner to car scene
added rain_spawner script
4 years ago
Zac e47f52d6a4 added rain scene
added script for removing rain when it leaves the screen
added rain texture
4 years ago
Zac db0f8345ea added imagerect to car scene
added blur shader to windshield
resized windshield to cover wipers
4 years ago
Zac df26fecbe6 added windshield image and 1x1 white pixel 4 years ago
Zac 5fd417db17 renamed test.tscn to car.tscn
added collision layer names
tweaked positions of wipers
added staticbodies to wipers
4 years ago
Zac 572dad5e95 added comments 4 years ago
Zac 80bb22f077 added first iteration of wiper script
added test scene to test the wiper script
4 years ago
Zac fd53bc5518 first push 4 years ago