reset wiper position only if cleardrops is set

if cleardrops isnt set, and doing manual mode start return timer
Zac 4 years ago
parent 3579b761c8
commit 47c5512ada
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@ -10,6 +10,11 @@
- wipers dont reset to base pos when game starts ✓
- toggle for clearing drops on start? (default off) ✓
- change menu text on start (e.g "Start" -> "Resume") ✓
- setup credits popup properly ✓
- dont reset wiper pos unless clear drops is set ✓
- changing modes midgame doesnt unset autoplay var
- changing modes midgame doesnt unset autoplay var (when running the callback for clicking the main buttons, do a check on the AutoPlay state, if not equal then re-emit 'started' signal)
- changing modes midgame doesnt properly set 'resume' text
- manual 'how to'?
- disable setting autoplay on pause menu after game starts
- graphics

@ -170,5 +170,9 @@ func _auto_timer_timeout():
func _on_game_start():
_wiping = false
_returning = false
_last_mouse_pos = 0
if GameState.ClearDrops:
_last_mouse_pos = 0
elif not GameState.AutoPlay: