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start out bleeping like a single segment in a local cable news show
end up being like censoring a late night cable tv show
as the game goes the censoring becomes more and more sinister and less subtle
(like near the end you're censoring reports of government assassins killing journalists or something)
as the game goes on maybe introduce more things to keep track of, like fnaf.
(thinking about you keep having to plug in your headphones because people trip over them and unplug them)
loading screens could show the folder full of scripts for that night that you would have to read over
as the game goes on maybe have government official seals on it, escalating with the plot
** look into deafening certain sides of the stereo audio
fan kicks on randomly, playing an audio effect, and randomizing script pages (puts them out of order)
Mechanics: censoring, jiggle headphone cable to fix audio issues, fan blow away pages and shuffle them up
Story: goes from "light hearted" beeping out curse words to censoring the news on orders from nameless government officials